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Simple Instructions on How to Use an Enema

Using the right hand, gently insert the tip of the enema nozzle into the rectum. This may be uncomfortable but should not cause pain. Stop if there is pain and call your healthcare provider. After insertion, start squeezing the enema container to push the liquid into the rectum.

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used is approximately two liters of warm filtered water that is placed in a container or enema bag with a flexible tube and enema nozzle. The nozzle will be lubricated and inserted into the rectum, after which the solution will be slowly administered. (K. Y. Jelly, or calendula ointment is best lube.) Injecting the enema solution slowly helps to minimize any discomfort. It is also helpful to breathe slowly and deeply

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For instance, if your goal is a complete colon cleanse with a home enema series, you will find that the innovative Flowmaster Cleansing System enema bag kits offer a large-capacity bag, a fluid pump delivery system, and a retention nozzle. Buy enema supplies from our sister site OptimalHealthNetwork.com.

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For a “high” 2 - 4 quart enema: You can lie down on the bathroom floor, with the enema bag hung on a towel bar at waist height; or in your bathtub with the bag hung from the shower head. It’s much

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We finally have enemas available and Cara gleefully demonstrates how to use one. These simple devices could potentially save your day from constipation, low ...

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use plain water in an enema. This could hurt your child. – Warm the solution to body temperature. If you mix it yourself, use warm tap water. If you’re using a premixed bottle, put it in a large bowl with hot water to warm up. Never microwave the enema solution. 5 Clamp the tubing on the enema (feeding) bag.

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A reusable enema kit. A high enema is a relatively simple and painless procedure. A clear enema bag is filled with a solution of two to three quarts of warm water that has been filtered and mixed with one tablespoon of salt, baking soda, Epsom salt or an herbal mixture. A mild soap can also be used at one teaspoon per quart of water.

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When E day arrives, you first clean "the bag" out enough to get rid of all the solid wastes. You give "the bag" a large enema. Then position the bag slave at least 3 feet above the receiving slave. You then insert the large-diameter tube in both, open the clamp, and let the transfer take place. The Teeter-Totter Enema